In-N-Out Burger Signature Drink Cup Slip-On Pair introduced

We’re taking a break from all the complicated sneakers. Summer is fast approaching so we’re also on the lookout for fun pairs to wear. We’ve seen a few pairs of sandals, mules, and even sneakers we think would be fun to walk and run around with. 

In-N-Out Burger enters the fun sneakerhead game by launching the In-N-Out Burger Signature Drink Cup Slip-On Pair. The fast food chain wishes to celebrate signature drink cup by coming up with the slip-on shoes you’d like to well, wear, when you go to an In-N-Out Burger branch.

You want Burger or Shoes?

In-N-Out Burger Signature Drink Cup Slip-On Shoes Price

We know you go to In-N-Out to buy burger and fries and not really the drink but fans of the food chain will love to get a pair or two. The classic footwear style is the perfect choice to express the familiar design of the drink cup all over the shoes. 

The upper of the shoes show the white-red contrast design we see on every cup.  The wavy lines and  leaning palm trees are very evident—covering the whole shoe. 

 In-N-Out Burger Drink Cup Design

In-N-Out Burger Signature Drink Cup Slip-On Pair

The red insoles are marked with the In-N-Out logo. The rear part comes with the company’s marked license plates. 

The In-N-Out Burger Drink Cup Shoes are available for $65. You can buy from the official In-N-Out Burger website

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