Best colognes to get your dad for Father’s Day 2021

Father’s Day is closing in and you might be wracking your brains trying to figure out a gift for your dad. There are traditional ones like ties, power tools and bourbon. Cologne happens to be one of those items. There are a plethora of colognes available and you can choose a seasonless scent that your father can wear all year long.

Cologne is personal and buying it for someone else can be difficult. You just have to find a fragrance that allows him to express his personality with scent. Apart from the classic scents from Ralph Lauren and Polo, there are many fresh types of cologne that you can buy for your dad. Here are the best ones you can look up for Father’s Day 2021.

Dior Sauvage Parfum Spray

An aromatic fragrance for modern men, Dior Sauvage Parfum Spray has notes of Sichuan pepper and Calabrian bergamot. Your father can wear this warm and woody fragrance in the morning before starting his day or prior to an evening head out. According to Dior, the scent smells like a blend of mandarin, leather and warm sandalwood.

Dark Lord by Killian “Ex Tenebris Lux”

Dark Lord is really fancy cologne, the kind you save for special occasions. It is a leather fragrance for men, with notes of vetiver, rum and pepper – lending it a spicy and trendy vibe, which is most suitable for nighttime social gatherings. This cologne makes a perfect pick for any dad who is the life of the party.

Tom Ford Beau de Jour

Tom Ford men’s cologne works perfectly for the dad who loves wearing a custom-made suit and has a closet full of them. For such a man of taste, cologne is essential to complement his refined and well-informed styling sense. Beau Du Jour is a delicate yet masculine blend of patchouli, lavender, vetiver and a hint of rum. Moreover, Tom Ford himself has been wearing Beau de Jour.

Michael Kors Extreme Speed Eau de Toilette

Even the most athletic person enjoys a little cologne every once in a while. Michael Kors Extreme Speed is a woody spicy fragrance for men, with top notes of coriander, violet, cinnamon, cedar, tolu balsam and patchouli – delivering a bold and masculine scent. This exhilarating fragrance ignites your zest for life, coursing feelings of thrill and freedom.

Jo Malone Bronze Wood and Leather

Perfect for an outdoorsy dad, this Jo Malone Bronze cologne evokes the tranquility of the outdoors through sunlight, campfires and subtle green notes. It is an elegant choice to wear every day. It is a unisex wood and leather fragrance with top hints of grapefruit, smoke, juniper, leather and vetiver.

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