Inflatable Super Kayak is immensely stable, highly portable

London-based product designer Kirk Kirchev believes kayaking is fun, but it is imperiled by the issue of stability and portability. To address this, the designer has come up with Super Kayak, which is very stable – owing to its unique construction – and can be folded up for ease of transportation.

The inflatable Super Kayak has been tested for stability in white water and sea trails. It can easily assemble for an outing on the water and when you’re done, the kayak can be deflated and instantly packed into its carry bag.

The make

The sit on top, modular Super Kayak comprises two inflatable aramid hulls that are double-skinned and thermoplastic polyurethane-coated for protection against abrasion and punctures. The hulls are attached together using a frame made from anodized aluminum alloy.

The frame includes a foldable and adjustable seat with backrest and an adjustable footrest. You can enter the kayak from the middle and easily settle yourself on the seat with legs stably placed on the footrest before paddling into the water.

The specifications

This kayak that packs into a bag can be assembled in under four minute. It comes with four-piece paddle and a portable electric pump, which is rechargeable. When assembled the Super Kayak measures about 12 feet long and is 3 feet wide.

Since it’s made to be portable, the kayak’s weight has been limited to only 15kgs yet it has a load-bearing capacity of almost 100kg. When disassembled and packed, it folds up into a bag measuring 28 x 20 x 12-inches. If this contraption sounding interesting, you can pre-order it right away for $1,350. It will however retail for $2,100 when it’s made.