Jacob & Co. Astronomia Everest incorporates rock from Mt. Everest, water from both Poles of the Earth

If you want to wear history on your wrist and don’t mind paying a fortune for it – read on. Based on the Jacob & Co.’s beloved Astronomia Sky Tourbillon, the watchmaker in collaboration with Swedish explorer and environmentalist Johan Ernst Nilson has created the Astronomia Everest Gravitational Double Axis Tourbillon.

This one of a kind watch, which surely will never be replicated, carries in it a host of elements that make this a mighty possession. The watch will be available in two models and only 12 of each will be made – the limited edition timepiece i.e. will be limited only 24 pieces.

Incorporates history within

This Nilson and Jacob & Co. collaboration timepiece dubbed the Astronomia Everest Gravitational Double Axis Tourbillon features elements collected by the adventurer on his expeditions to the Mt. Everest and the two ends of the Earth – the North and the South Poles.  

The watch is incorporated with a rock picked up from the Mt. Everest, and there are two clear capsules, at ideal 12 o’clock and 6 o’clock settings, that are filled with water collected by Nilson from each of the Poles. This is not it, to make the sale of the watch more exciting, and the ownership more enthralling – Astronomia Everest will be retailed with a helicopter ride. The lucky buyer will be flown over the Mount Everest with Nilson in company.  

Intriguing design and price

Astronomia Everest features Jacob & Co.’s double axis gravitational tourbillon on one of the four satellites; the other three comprise a time dial, the rotating magnesium globe, and one-carat 288-faceted Jacob-cut diamond. The watch comes in two dial options – 47mm black and blue dials – both in 18k white gold casing.

Astronomia Everest is priced at $884,800 a piece, the amount represents the height of the Mt. Everest (8,848 meters) – a portion of the sales proceeds will go to an organization working to help the environment. This is for the first time Jacob & Co. is using Super-LumiNova for the hands and other elements on the dial – also Super-LumiNova is integrated on the strap. The watch comes in a special box shaped like the Mt. Everest.