Fossil Solar Watch World Timer celebrates Earth Month with glee

The idea of watches that are conscious of the environment has really picked up. Having seen the most interesting environmentally-friendly watches, we are now presented with a solar-powered world timer watch by Fossil.

Launched to mark the Earth Month, it is called Solar Watch World Timer and comes with pro-planet construction elements. The limited edition watch is introduced as part of a collection, which includes cactus leather tote bags.

The Solar World Timer

This limited edition watch unveiled by Fossil on Earth Day is powered by a solar-powered movement. Alongside it features a rechargeable battery, which can charge completely in about eight hour under the sun to run the watch for up to three months before having to be recharged again.

This is not only the green credential of the Solar Watch World Timer. The second iteration of the brand’s solar-powered watch comes in a 42mm watch case made from castor oil, yes that’s right! Its primary strap – a blue rPet strap is made using recycled plastic bottles.

The features

The Solar Watch World Timer has a world time function which features 49 cities that the user can shuffle around to see the local time of any country. Other than this, the Fossil watch comes with regular features like stopwatch, compass, alarm and timer.

This limited edition solar-powered watch has gone on sale in India for ₹11,995. Fossil’s sustainability commitment extends to the recently launched leather tote bags as well. These are made from cactus leaves in collaboration with Mexican company Desserto. Interestingly the cactus from which these leaves are extracted grow on minerals and rainwater only.