Kick off a refreshing day with these bottled cold brews

A good cup of cold brew in the morning can make your entire day and is less likely to cause heartburn and stomach issues in comparison to hot coffee. The art of steeping coffee in cold water overnight can make it less bitter, less acidic and rich with the smoothness of caffeine. If you find the brewing process tiresome, you can buy healthy and delicious bottled cold brews in the market.

Many popular brands are selling bottled brews now so you can get your hands on your favorite iced beverage from coffee makers like Stumptown or Blue Bottle, without having to wait in long queues at their coffee stores. Here are the healthy bottled cold brews you can start your day with.

La Colombe Single Origin Cold Brew

Real cold-pressed espresso, this La Colombe beverage has been brewed overnight and filtered from single-origin beans. Each can contain 180 mg of caffeine with no sugar, preservatives and unnatural flavoring or additives. It has been steeped in steel wine tanks and free from oxygen. This brew is double-filtered for a smooth sip with strong coffee flavors and natural sweetness.

Blue Bottle Cold Brew

Blue Bottle cold brew has been a favorite among coffee lovers and with their bottled brew, people need not waste their time lining up and waiting for their turn at the coffee store. Simply made from coffee beans steeped in water, this deep-flavored cold brew comes in a convenient 8-ounce single-serve can. It is not concentrated and has subtle chocolate hints.

Lucky Jack Old School Nitro Cold Brew

Lucky Jack offers simple and tasty beverages. Each coffee product is made either purely out of coffee and water or lightly sweetened with cane sugar. It is a truly classic craft cold brew that is formulated from a fine blend of gourmet beans and then nitro infused for an ultra-smooth creamy texture and taste. It has about 280 mg of organic caffeine.

Stumptown Cold Brew Coffee

This classic cold brew from Stumptown Coffee Roasters will instantly elevate your mood in the morning. It comes in an 11-ounce carton with low sugar ratio and has caffeine equivalent of an 8-ounce cold brew. This offers a simple, delicious and smooth brew and is perfect for people who want a little sweetness in their coffee.

Starbucks Cold Brew

Almost everybody loves Starbucks and those who love this coffeehouse are likely to enjoy this cold brew that is now available at nearly every store. It has been slow-steeped in cool water for 20 hours and offers a super-smooth flavor with a hint of chocolate notes. It contains 190 mg of caffeine.