Klay Thompson Scores Well with Limited Edition KT4 Klay Area

American professional basketball player Klay Thompson busted his knee last year at the NBA Finals and his Golden State Warriors lost the game to Kawhi Leonard and the Toronto Raptor. The good news is that Klay has bounced back and is partnering with Oaklandish to give us some new shoes.

The KT4 Klay Area shoes are customized sneakers and have a lot of character to them. What strikes you the most is the patch with Klay right on top of the laces. The prominent ‘K’ on the shoe tongue and references to Klay’s life via the patches seem to be overbearing and yet easy on the eye.

The KT4 Klay Areas

Hitting the shelves on 6th of October, which is round the bend, we have here a pair that can be customized as per your whim. The Klay Area features six packs of Velcro patches and what this means is that you can customize your pair to be unique to your styling.

The KT4 ‘Klay Area’ are designed to mark the ‘Klay, the Bay, and Oaklandish’ and since this is a limited edition, only two-hundred sneakers will be up for grabs. Of course, you will need to register at the Oaklandish site, and hope to be one of the lucky 200.

Design That Speaks

Klay Thompson has done his bit by adding his personal touch. We see his dear pooch Rocco being showcased as well as a spot dedicated to ‘China Klay’. The kicker of course is the spot where we spy the toaster and his signature. That goes down in history as the ‘time I signed a toaster’.

On the whole, the shoes have a vibrant and colorful feel to them. A lot many significant patches are there, and add to the personality of the shoe. Register now for the $139 pair, and they are available only in the US on October 6th – 12:00 noon to 3:00 pm.