Klipsch T 10 True Wireless – the world’s smallest and lightest earphones

The Bluetooth earphone market today is both extremely competitive and very lucrative. With more and more smart phones migrating away from the traditional headphone-jack as part of their design, we find ourselves spoiled for choice when it comes to Bluetooth earphones.

Arguably the most premium, top-of-the-line product out there is the Klipsch T 10 True Wireless Earphones.

Powered by the Ear Micro software, and with a highly compact design, the T10 are boasted by Klipsch to be the world’s smallest and lightest earphones. What makes them special is the in-built operating system which would allow for hands-free use, with the help of complex gesture recognition and voice control.

Detailing the Tech

Apart from featuring the now almost-standard, dual microphones and active noise cancelling, the T10 will also feature something called a miniature balanced armature which promises great improvement in audio clarity.

With a constant-use battery life of 6 hours, the tiny but powerful lithium ion batteries can be recharged using the earphones’ portable storage case/charger. The case is claimed to be the world’s thinnest inductive charging case, the design of which is clearly something Klipsch has put a lot of thought into.

Klipsch uses recycled materials

For those of us who prefer using green products, it comes as a welcome change that Klipsch has made the T10 almost entirely of recycled materials. The earphones also feature a patented oval ear design that is both light and comfortable.

Retailing at $444, it is quite competitively priced and shows promise to be a product that will stand the test of time.