Labrum Converse Pro Leather designed exclusively for the people of Sierra Leone

Labrum, a London menswear brand, has recently teamed up with Converse. The former combines western and Western African heritage to tell stories. The partnership with Converse delivers this pair that is said to be a friends-and-family exclusive release.

The special collaboration is inspired by the Sierra Leonean heritage of the brand’s present Creative Director Foday Dumbuya. The Converse Pro Leather, which is a classic silhouette from Converse, is the base for this pair that’s been designed with a zig zag pattern in Green, White, and Blue—based on the Sierra Leone flag.

Signature Converse Used for a Cause

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Labrum Converse Pro Leather is “a statement of unity”. Labrum aims for the pair to see the importance of unity and bring everyone as one nation.

The limited edition release is for firiends and family of Labrum only. It’s an exclusive offering but Labrum is also launching a giveaway for a chance to receive the pair. Two pairs are up for raffle.

Labrum Converse Pro Leather Design

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The design celebrates Sierra Leone. The Pro Leather shape is timeless. The print used was actually inspired by the 16 tribes that presently live in the country. This is the first time  Converse let Labrum to print on the midsole of the shoes so the release is really special. 

We can probably say it’s a country-exclusive design. It’s actually a “call to all Sierra Leoneans to neglect tribal allyships“.