Lanvin Leather Curb Trainers ready in new colorways

No pair from Lanvin has not been mentioned here until today. Sighting the Lanvin Leather Curb Trainers in new colorways is a delight so we figured it’s time to give the French fashion house some attention. We particularly like the new color combinations to the classic shoe silhouette.

Skater sneakers are always popular. It’s not just the basketball court that needs proper playing shoes. The skateboard rink also needs players to wear appropriate sneakers. But then again, we know that people don’t just buy such pairs to play. Sneakerheads have plenty of reasons. 

Lanvin Leather Curb Skate Sneakers Design

Lanvin Curb Skate Sneaker 1

The Lanvin Leather Curb Trainers are inspired from the 1990s skateboarding culture. For those who know the Osiris D3, you will easily recognize the inspiration. The laces will certainly catch anyone’s attention as they occupy most of the top view. 

The shoelaces alone are worthy. They are inspired by accessories used for Japanese kimonos. The rest of the shoes look simple in neutral color Black, White, Pink, and Navy Blue. The latter appears to stand out because of the contrasting red used on the laces. On the tongue part albeit slightly hidden is a Lanvin Paris brand tag.  

Lanvin Leather Curb Trainers show a bit of luxury 

Lanvin Leather Curb Sneakers

Lanvin has always been known for glamour and luxury. Those words aren’t exactly the perfect adjectives to describe sneakers that usually get worn out but the new pair here offers some sporty luxe vibes—on or off the skateboard rink.  

Lanvin Leather Curb Trainers

A pair of Lanvin Leather Curb Trainers costs $890. Apart from these colorways, we can also expect more color combinations will be introduced in the future. Check Lanvin’s webstore here.