Adidas Superstar hits 50th-year milestone with new All-Star Weekend designs

Didn’t you know? The Adidas Superstar is celebrating its 50th Birthday. That favorite pair of yours when you were a teenager is now old. Oh no, we’re not saying you are that old too but just…mature. Any milestone reached must be celebrated and so the company is making an effort to drop new All-Star Weekend pairs.

The Adidas Superstar just hit 50. We’ve lost count of how many designs have been introduced featuring the Three Stripes on a low top basketball silhouette. The design was first introduced in the ‘70s. It was really for the basketball court. It was only in the ‘80s that the Superstar line reached the hip hop stars.

The Adidas Superstar series has been very colorful and interesting in the past five decades. We’ve known about them but the most notable was the Prada X Adidas Superstar introduced last November. It was also announced to celebrate the 50th year in business.

This year, there is no slowing down. A number of new collaborations and designs of All-Star Weekend will be introduced. There are three new designs: Adidas Superstar All-Star Weekend “Chicago Girls Do It Better”, Adidas Superstar All-Star Weekend “Paradise Lost”, and Adidas Superstar All-Star Weekend “Chicago Plays Harder, Chicago Works Harder”.

Adidas Superstar All-Star Weekend “Chicago Girls Do It Better”

This pair is for the ladies. Well, not exactly but the ‘Chicago Girls Do It Better’ reference is there.

The all-red colorway is very rich and bold. Fans of Chicago Bulls will love this especially. It’s more of a design to celebrate the women that have greatly contributed to the greatness of Chicago. Check out the graphic statement on the side. The price tag reads $100.

Adidas Superstar All-Star Weekend “Paradise Lost”

This design is simple yet something that makes an impact. If the Chicago Girls design features an all-red colorway, this one comes in an all-peach/light pink theme.

There is the “We are all Superstars” statement on the midsole. It’s not really a basketball pair but it’s a good reminder for everyone that we are all great. The pair also costs $100.

Adidas Superstar All-Star Weekend “Chicago Plays Harder, Chicago Works Harder”

Here is another pair the ladies would love because it’s pink. It traces back to Chicago’s music past and present, paying respect to the DJs and crate diggers of the Windy City.

Vic Lloyd, a Chicago native who co-founded the Fat Tiger Workshop, he worked with Adidas to design this new pair of All-Star Weekend Superstars. The new pair is also priced at $100.