Le StandUp paddleboard offers unobstructed view of water below the feet

Standup paddleboarding is so much fun. The crystal clear water you’re riding, even more exciting. But the board – a plank – that doesn’t create that unparalleled connect with water you’re paddling, a disappointment.

Anyway, there is always a way for evading disappointments and this one comes all the way from France. Welcome the Le StandUp – see-through board – so you can see right down into the water you’re cruising over. 

A transparent approach

An epitome of craftsmanship and technology, the Le StandUp paddle board is created by Loeva based out of Biarritz in Southwestern France. Owing to its transparent form factor the board is designed to provide sliders an unobstructed view of the water below their feet. 

An unparalleled board for stand-up paddleboarding, the Le StandUp is made in lightweight carbon frame, which houses within a transparent board made with Altuglas ShieldUp – a specially designed “nano-structured” acrylic glass nearly as clear as crystal. Scratch and shock resistant, the lightweight board has a biomimetic fin that purposefully glides the paddleboard like a dolphin.

Designed for around the clock

The Loeva Le StandUp delivers an immersive and state-of-the-art paddleboarding experience both during day and night. For nighttime, the board is attached with a double row of LEDs on the underside, which generates a range of 15 meters in clear waters.

It is powered by a battery that the company claims can keep the LEDs glowing for about three hours on the trot. Your companion for the next time you want to impress your friends at the sea, the Le StandUp weighs only 44 pounds.