Lexon Oblio wireless charging station and UV sanitizer for your phone

According to a study by the University of Arizona, phone screen is ten times dirtier than a toilet seat. This is in a way startling since we all keep our beloved smart device close to our faces more often than not. Personal hygiene is more important in the current scenario and phones being something we can’t do away with, there has to be a solution to keep them clean, always.

Here comes a sanitizer for your phone that keeps all unwanted microbes at bay, preventing any chances of contracting worrying illnesses. A phone sanitizing vase that doubles as a wireless charger too, interesting? Read on.

Lexon Oblio wireless charging station and UV sanitizer

As the name suggests, this phone sanitizing gadget for your home/office, uses ultraviolet LED technology to kill 99.9% potentially harmful microbes in just 30 minutes.

Simply put, Lexon Oblio uses advanced anti-bacterial UV-C light with ionizer tech to disinfect the phone screen. As an added bonus the vase like design keeps the phone screen away from your eyes, adding to your digital well-being.

As the gadget is sanitizing your smartphone at the same time it can wirelessly juice-up the battery. The wireless charging capability of the Qi-certified 10W charger (fast charger) is compatible with iPhone 8 and higher models as well as Android devices with Qi-enabled wireless charging feature.

Accessory for your bedroom

This is the ideal phone accessory that does dual task and also goes well with modern decor. Perhaps guys who spend too much time on their smartphone will like Oblio wireless charging station and UV sanitizer.

The ease of use is another added bonus that makes this gadget irresistible. It is priced at $80 and can be bought right away. The gadget is being liked by tech-savvy people out there and is indeed selling like hotcakes.