LG Magic Remote makes it easier to navigate LG smart TVs

LG has announced some changes for its Smart TV operating system and remote at CES 2021. One of the major changes is the introduction of webOS 6.0 for the 2021 OLED, QNED Mini LED, NanoCell, and UHD smart TVs. The update was designed specifically to pair with the new Magic Remote, promising a more enjoyable and intuitive content discovery experience. LG’s updated software supports new voice commands from Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

The home screen has been updated for enhanced usability with faster access to the most frequently used apps and recommendations based on user preferences and viewing history. The new Magic Remote has simpler controls when using voice recognition with the three supported voice assistants.

LG promises the remote is easy to navigate and easy to hold and use. The Magic Remote has new user-friendly features, including a faster connection between the TV and other devices and hotkeys for accessing popular content providers like Netflix, Prime Video, and others. Users can also touch an NFC-enabled smartphone to the remote to share content from their phone to the TV or vice versa.

Users can also view content on their mobile phone via the LG TV while using the favorite smartphone apps and features. Magic Remote features LG’s Magic Explorer, an enhanced version of the LG Magic Link to provide information about what’s showing on the screen. The feature allows users to learn more about the actors, locations, and other items of interest in movies or shows they’re watching. 

LG says the latest version of webOS, 6.0, represents the most significant update since webOS was introduced in 2014. The new software is on display in the LG virtual CES 2021 booth starting January 11.