Dwelling on Wheels by Modern Shed offers luxury-packed off-grid experience

Tiny houses on wheels have taken over the world by storm in the past few years; and pandemic has made their significance more prominent. Seattle-based Modern Shed has impeccably blended the concept of backyard shed and tiny house on wheels to create their first-ever portable tiny home, called Dwelling on Wheels (DW).

The DW is a modern, self-contained structure that provides ample space to make it a home, yet compact enough to take it on road. Modern Shed’s newest project is equipped with solar power and has off-grid capabilities, with a cost starting at $129,000.

Dwelling on Wheels

The DW is the first portable dwelling by Modern Shed, which according to the company captures the imaginations of how one can conceive their lives offering dexterity in easy and insightful form. The tiny house is designed with a classic gable form and a wall of windows at one end that allows views and plenty of natural light inside.

Regardless of its tiny footprint, the interior offers ample space for comfortable lodging. Sight lines are kept open with a floor-to-ceiling window placed at the end of the hallway, opposite the wall of windows. A wood stove is used for heating, while two electric wall heaters as backup are also included.

The dark complexioned and low-maintenance exterior is furnished with a solar array on the roof with batteries, allowing an off-grid living experience. At the front, a deck extends out to offer space for a couple of chairs and a small table to enjoy the al fresco.

Excellent lodging

The DW grants a comfortable and luxurious lodging away from the crowd. While the exterior of the house is dark, the interior is clad in contrasting light, pre-finished birch-faced plywood, and sustainable linoleum flooring. The pitched roof and the side window that extends up to the roof give an airy feel on the inside.

The sleeping quarters in the back can accommodate three people with a large bed that is a few inches shorter than queen-sized on the bottom bunk and a single bed above. The efficient unit features slim, high-intensity insulation paneling in the walls and can accommodate water tanks or a composting toilet. Moreover, customers can have the unit customized to cater to their needs.