LG rollable OLED display up for grabs in the US for $87,000

LG’s rollable OLED TV made quite a buzz when it was first spotted at CES 2019, and now two years henceforth, the cheeky display that rolls down into its boxed housing is up for grabs in the US.

The OLED R has been selling in South Korea since October for a mind-boggling price tag of 100 million KRW (approximately $89,000). This revolutionary display technology brings a custom viewing experience, as per the user’s demand, right to the living room.

Fits perfectly with modern lifestyle

LG has been ahead of its time when it comes to pioneering the display tech, and OLED R TV is a fine example of this. The display can be rolled up depending on the viewing content to perfectly match the aspect ratio of the display area being streamed.

You can binge watch Netflix for hours, and when you get bored of too much viewing – the TV retracts back into the housing. This goes perfectly with the modern lifestyle which focuses on minimalism.

4K capable display now available

For such a colossal price tag, and the unique form factor, you get 4K capable viewing experience. Not only does it retract back completely, you can use the one third display area to showcase things like weather, time or music controls. The display is also compatible with AirPlay 2, Homekit, and voice-assistants.

Although there is no mention of price on the LG North America website, still it will require buyers to burn a hole in their pockets. Frankly, for such a chunk of money ( or even higher when the exact price is known) one could get a big-sized 8K OLED display, and still, save another chunk to buy any number of lifestyle products. But, hey – if you’ve already got millions, you won’t even break a sweat buying this one.