LG’s colossal 325-inch DVLED TV costs more than a supercar

Forget spending your fat wallet on a Pagani Huayra or a two-bedroom apartment in San Francisco. How about burning a mind-numbing amount of cash on one of the best LED displays out there?

Akin to the Samsung The Wall or Sony Crystal LED, LG is now making a bold statement with its gargantuan LED TV dubbed DVLED Extreme Home Cinema TV that’ll make your eyes pop out. That is, if you have the budget and will to spend $1,700,000 on a premium home cinema viewing experience.

LG DVLED Extreme Home Cinema

The wall-sized TV is tailored for super-luxury residential homes, bringing premium display technology for people who appreciate the best in everything they own. LG is offering this TV in sizes ranging from 81 inches to 325 inches in 2K, 4K, or 8K resolutions.

In total there are mind-boggling 30 sizes and shapes to choose from. Even the price of the smallest model is $70,000 – so you can very well imagine the kind of luxe performance to expect here.  

Based on the model chosen and the resolution, the individual diodes on the screen can be anywhere between 2 million and 33 million. The aspect ratio offered on these displays is 16:9 or the super-stretched 32:9. This will bring amazing brightness and contrast levels that are adaptable depending on the viewing ambiance.

Unmatchable Quality and performance

According to Dan Smith, LG Electronics USA’s vice president in charge of DVLED displays, this is the supercar of home display technologies. To top it off, the hand-crafted quality and performance is targeted toward people craving a luxury lifestyle.

In tests, the LG DVLED is guaranteed to last 10,000 hours before reaching the latter stages of its lifecycle. That means almost 10 years of immersive display without any deterioration in promised quality.  

The TV will be custom-installed via a new line of dealers, and each of them will be shipped in flight cases that are in itself state-of-the-art level. This will be followed by twice a year, on-site health checks (for three years) to ensure the display is running at optimum performance.