Grado Labs’ Reference Series updated with 4th generation drivers

Brooklyn-based audio pros Grado Labs updated the Prestige Series headphones with the 4th generation X Drivers in June this year. Now they’ve selected the premium headphones in their lineup, the Reference Series to get the upgrade of the latest technology on offer.

The two headphones in the series – the RS1x and RS2x will have the X Driver innovation, durable 8-conductor cable design, comfy stitched leather headbands and buying options in exclusive wooden finishes. Not only that, the drivers are tuned depending on the material chosen for the best audio performance.

Grado RS1x Reference Series

The RS1x is the more exclusive headphone in the line-up with a 50mm X Driver which has a big magnetic circuit and redesigned voice coil. Add the rebuild diaphragm to the tech and you’ll be blown away by the perfect sound reproduction of these cans.

Housing of the headphones is made out of a maple sleeve encased in a cocobolo outer ring. All this is wrapped around a hemp core and other materials for exceptional audio quality. The high-end headphone costs $750 and is worth every penny.  

Grado RS2x Reference Series

The affordable sibling, RS2x gives up on the cocobolo outer ring and comes with the maple encasing and hemp material core. Driver on this one is a smaller 44mm X Driver version. Most of the other tech on this is almost the same as the RS1x, so a good option for audiophiles on a tight leech. These cans will set you back $550, so a value for money option if you value sweet audio in your ears.   

As compared to the earlier version, these hand-built headphones have a considerable improvement in sound quality courtesy of the better magnetic power and a comparatively lesser voice coil mass. Both of these headphones can be had from the official Grado Labs website.