LG’s Inverter Heat Pump Water Heater looks cool and saves electricity

LG is set to make a big showing at CES 2021 with all sorts of products that you might not expect at CES. The company will show off its Inverter Heat Pump Water Heater at the show. It’s a new model powered by the DUAL Inverter Compressor promising fast and efficient water heating. Water heating is one of the biggest consumers of electricity inside the home, and for those wanting to go green and save on electric bills, this may be the ticket.

The DUAL Inverter Compressor heats water using condensation heat generated in the process of compressing and circulating refrigerant. LG says the result is a water heater using up to 74 percent less energy to operate annually than conventional electric water heaters. The product will be offered in 200-liter and 270-liter versions.

The compressor is highly durable. A 10-year warranty covers both it and the water tank. The system also uses heat from the air to reduce electricity usage and a pair of internal heat sources, including a heat pump and heater. LG says users will never have to go without hot water, even during heavy use.

The water heater is WiFi-enabled and can be integrated into a smart home network with the ThinQ app available for Android and iOS devices. The app allows the homeowner to monitor and manage the water heater remotely, receive maintenance reminders, and diagnose issues without needing to call customer service.

The app also supports checking water temperature in real-time and a scheduling function to set when the water heater is in operation. Another interesting aspect of the product is its design. It looks nothing like a traditional water heater and won iF Design, Red Dot, and IDEA awards. The water heater will ship in Europe and North America in Q1 2021 at undisclosed pricing.