LifeFuels Smart Nutrition Bottle encourages you to hydrate often

Keeping yourself hydrated is not a summers-only phenomenon. The truth is that we need to keep ourselves topped up with water every day. On an average, you need six to eight glasses of water, which is an achievable goal.

Since each one of us have a different body types, we need us to be mindful of the individual requirements and adjust our intake accordingly. A good indicator of a well-hydrated body is a colorless or light yellow urine. If it’s dark yellow or amber color, then it’s a cause for concern, and you need to add a few more glasses.

You can hydrate better with the LifeFuels Smart Nutrition Bottle, which is essentially “the world’s first smart nutrition bottle that turns your ordinary water into a beverage packed with flavor.”

Are You Drinking Enough?

It’s not rocket science, but water is the best way that you can stay hydrated. Fruit and vegetable juices, milk, and herbal teas, get you the required fluids, but comes with their own baggage of calories and sugar.

However, if you are like my daughter, who hates the taste of plain water, and always opts for ice tea and fruit-spiked water, then it’s worth your while to consider the LifeFuels Smart Nutrition Bottle.

Packed with flavor, essential vitamins, and nutrients, this packaged water bottle, allows you to stay hydrated with the help of an app and via the touch of a button or a swipe.

Designed for life – the Smart Nutrition Bottle

Adapting to your lifestyle, this special bottle comes with a starter pack of 3 FuelPods. Basically, the Bottle is durable vessel that sports an anodized aluminum shell. It uses nutrient-enriched flavor concentrates that infuse flavor into the water and enhance it with vitamins and minerals.

Simply load the LifeFuels Smart Nutrition Bottle with FuelPods, and either press a button on the bottle or by using the app, dispense as much flavor concentrate into your water, and drink up.  

A full charge on the bottle lasts up to 4 days, and thus don’t need additional batteries. The bottle loads three FuelPods at one go, and this means you can keep all three the same flavor or mix and match flavors that suit your taste.

LifeFuels comes in 10 flavors, and they are loaded with electrolytes and antioxidants, vitamins and natural supplements that fuel your energy. Empty pods can be sent back to LifeFuels for recycling.

The bottle tracks your drink intake and the supported app, keeps a tab on your consumption, thus encouraging you to take your daily intake to stay hydrated. Pick the bottle for $179.