Deliveroo x Mystic Meg limited edition Easter eggs tell fortune

London’s online food delivery company, Deliveroo has partnered with English astrologer Margaret Anne Lake, better known by her stage name Mystic Meg, to create limited edition “Mystic Easter Eggs.” These fortune eggs will be available starting March 31 for £2.21 ($2.64) to Brits to crack open and discover their 2021 luck.

After a year of lockdowns and slow progress, Deliveroo’s limited edition Easter eggs will provide a moment of reprieve and fun, with colorful and flavorful treats. Moreover, each Easter egg will feature an uplifting 2021 prediction, foreseen by Mystic Meg. Mark your calendars and be ready to get your Easter egg from Deliveroo with free delivery.

Mystic Easter Eggs

The special edition includes three varieties – milk, dark or vegan chocolate, and will only be available from Deliveroo Editions locations in Leeds, London (Battersea York Road), and Brighton. Food is Art was commissioned to curate and develop the special edition of Mystic Eggs that are enveloped in cosmic teals, purples, and gold hues.

Mystic Meg said that following the erratic year, it is important to look ahead for playful fortunes. According to her, an Easter egg is a wonderful amalgamation of wonder and surprise, making it a perfect container for some positive pointers from her astrological readings.

Whimsical editions

Amid the pandemic gloom, Deliveroo wanted to provide Brits with much-needed joy and optimism through Easter and its whimsical crystal-like treats. With the help of Mystic Meg, the company hopes to bring smiles to the faces of people as they feast on the celestial, chocolatey goodness of Mystic Easter Eggs.

The company has a history of offering whimsical Easter egg editions. In 2019, to celebrate the premiere of the final season of Game of Thrones, Deliveroo launched Easter eggs shaped as Dragon eggs that famously hatched in season one of the popular show. In 2020, the company sold Invisible Easter eggs to make the Easter hunts more exciting.