Lify smart tea brewer prepares wellness formula in just 40 seconds

People are now looking at convenient ways to kick-start their wellness and healthcare regime; seeing this as an opportunity, Lify wellness – marque with a vision to make healthier lifestyle more accessible – is bringing its Lify smart herbal brewer to CES 2021.

The smart way to brew herbal tea instantly, Lify brewer is not going to challenge Keurigs and Nespressos, but it is going to provide customers with an instantaneous way to involve IoT to personalize and recommend herbal tea options.

Personalized brew

The IoT smart home appliance – Lify smart herbal brewer – lets users control and customize brewing through a dedicated application. Controls include customizing the temperature, extraction time, and volume to be extracted – if you want half cup tea, slightly warm – just set the temperature and command the machine. Go collect it from the brewer at the time you have specified.

An ideal solution for tea buffs and city dwellers aiming for wellness goals, the brewer comes with ultra-high pressure infusion technology that delivers herbal tea of your choice – from a wide range of wellness tea options provided in disc format – in just 40 seconds.   

The herbal flavors

For personalized serving the brewer kit would come paired with a set of tubes of herbal flavors. Each herbal disc is compostable after use thus making it a more environmentally beneficial alternative to capsules generally used in brewers.

What makes the Lify smart herbal tea brewer more exciting is the fact that in addition to offering customized beverage, it also goes to the extent of recommending wellness formula you should be drinking based on your body condition, weather, and mood.