Louis Vuitton Easy Line Mules perfect for luxury lounging

Mules are perhaps worthy alternatives to sneakers during Summer. You may not agree but more people are now getting interested with new  pairs of mules surfacing. A new set of mules will be ready soon from Louise Vuitton as luxury pairs for lounging or going out. 

The Louis Vuitton Easy Line Mules will be available soon. There are three designs: one with the LV monogram, a black leather pair with silver LG logo , and one with fox fur. The slip-on style is something that both men and women can pull off. This time, we think these three designs can be worn by the gents. 

LV Easy Line Mules will be ready in three versions

LV Easy Line Mule Louis Vuitton Monogram

So you’re a sneakehead, give your feet time to breath. Wear a pair of mules even you’re  just lounging at home.

The monogram version is made of canvas leather. It uses the signature LG monogram all over the mules. A neon stitching runs around the black welt, offering the right contrast. This may remind you of Dr. Martens.

The upper strap comes with a black LV logo. The outsole is made of micro-rubber so it is wear-resistant and is non-slip. Comfort is offered by an anatomical insole. 

LV Easy Line Mule Louis Vuitton Black

The second design looks simple and classy in black. It’s probably the pair many people will choose especially over the fox fur version or the monogram version.

Louis Vuitton Knows Luxury

LV Easy Line Mule Louis Vuitton Fox Fur

Louis Vuitton is all about luxury and opulence. The third Easy Mule design features dyed fox fur all over. The forefoot strap features a gold LV logo. You may not notice it but the outsole is also ridged.

Prices start at ¥119,900 JPY ($1,110 ) for the monogram pair. The  black pair is  ¥128,700 JPY ($1,190) while the fox fur style is  ¥315,700 JPY ($2,920). 

The Louis Vuitton Easy Line Mules will be arriving soon. No word on exact availability but they will be ready on the Japanese webstore first before the international stores receive them.