Lufthansa lets you book ‘Sleeper Row’ to snooze well on long flights

How are you flying these days? Chances are you’re skeptical of your journey especially when you are unaware of who is going to be seated alongside. This not only makes you wary, it also leads to discomfort when you’re on a long-haul per se. To help you with both, Lufthansa airlines is introducing Sleeper’s Row to passengers traveling in the Economy Class.

Starting this week, Lufthansa will allow guests traveling in Economy Class to book the entire row of adjacent seats, at the time of check-in, when they are booked for a flight of over 11 hours.

The Sleeper Row

This attractive offer is only available at the gate or at the time of check-in – preregistrations are not possible. This allows the booked passenger an entire row of seats to himself for the entire duration of the travel. This may comprise three to four adjacent seats.

The Sleeper Row, as it is called, will facilitate a passenger to fully relax while onboard and reach the final destination fresh and without the tension of contact with another person. For additional comfort, Lufthansa will provide the guest with a pillow, mattress topper and a blanket. 

Safety and pricing details

Lufthansa is taking due care of passenger safety during their sleep, for this, a special seat belt will be provided, which would keep the person fastened even when lying down. Reportedly, a maximum of three of these seats will be offered per flight.

The comfort of Sleeper’s Row will understandably come for an added cost. Passengers booked for a long-haul flight of more than 11 hours or more, will be able to reserve the Sleeper’s Row for anywhere between $190 to $270 (€159-€229) depending on the flight route.