MacPaw Apple Museum in Kyiv, Ukraine to feature 323 unexpected items

Powered by the motto of ‘simple is best’ MacPaw has developed many apps to make Mac life simpler for many fanboys. Now the developer is sidestepping a little to foray into a dimension it has been preparing for, every so stealthy, for a while now.

MacPaw is all set to open a space – where past meets future – that would be one of the most visited destinations (by Apple fanatics) in the near future. Dubbed MacPaw Apple Museum, it would be apart from other spaces with a similar theme for the sheer number of products it will have on offer, and the history they will bestow.

The Apple heaven

The Apple Museum is expected to open soon in MacPaw’s native Kyiv in Ukraine. This museum would reportedly exhibit 323 products, which the software company has collected through various sources over the past four years. This includes around 40 Macs from all generations bought from Tekserve – an influential Apple dealer in New York.

Interestingly, this collection from Tekserve featured a 128k Macintosh signed by Steven Wozniak, which would now be up for people to see in this elaborate museum. 

Gist of items in the museum

In addition to the abovementioned, Wozniak signed Macintosh; Apple’s many other iconic products will be on display at the opening of the space. These include the first portable Macintosh that weighs 15.75 pounds, Apple’s first digital cameras QuickTake and Twentieth Anniversary Mac (TAM) which costed $7,499 and was delivered to customers in a limo.

Due to the ongoing pandemic, there are so many travel restrictions that it wouldn’t really be easy for overseas fanboys to make it to the MacPaw Apple Museum when it opens – really soon that is. MacPaw is working on a digital extension to maybe make it possible for most of us to see the exhibited items online.