Maserati Multi 70 and Giovanni Soldini are ready for the 16th edition of the Cape2Rio

With their recent strong image in the yacht sector, Maserati along with record holder Giovanni Soldini are set to sail on the Maserati Multi 70 in the 16th edition of the Cape2Rio race. Sizing up their direct competition, the 80-feet trimaran LoveWater, Maserati hopes to relive the glory days of winning the 3600-mile race as they did back in 2014.

The Maserati Multi 70 

The Multi 70, though being a whole 10 feet smaller in length than its competitor, and thus, potentially slower, aim to make up for that loss with their superior foil shape. The Maserati foil design, allows the Multi 70 to effortlessly (and more importantly, with a lot of speed) glide over the waves. This eliminates any drag acting on the boat from being in the water, making it significantly faster in ideal conditions.

LoveWater is a super trimaran of the ULTIM class

The 3600 mile race is no small endeavor and thus requires nothing short of the best, and most experienced sailors to complete the race, let alone aim for a podium finish. Maserati definitely puts it best foot forward with its 8-sailor team helmed by Giovanni Soldini. The Maserati team have been in Cape Town since mid-November and have been at it preparing for the race.

The Cape2Rio race would mark as the first regatta of the new decade for both Giovanni and The Maserati Multi 70. The team has a busy racing year ahead already, since they will soon set sail for St Maarten soon after arriving in Rio De Janeiro for the Caribbean Multihull Challenge. Post which they have, the RCOC Caribbean 600.

Following these two races the Maserati team will try beating two very competitive world records: The Atlantic crossing, and the Chanel Record.