McLaren’s 2022 F1 car LEGO Technic replica will be available in March

As a fan, you’d already have February 11 marked out on your calendar. It’s the day when McLaren will be releasing their F1 car for 2022. Fans would now also want to add March 1 to their calendars; the day when LEGO Technic replica of the McLaren F1 car will be available for adults and fans of collectable cars.

The Technic version of the McLaren F1 car has been made possible through a collaboration between LEGO and McLaren Racing. This is for the first time that the two companies have gotten into partnership, and already they have the best Technic F1 car there is to show.

LEGO Technic McLaren replica

Designed in teamwork by LEGO Technic and McLaren Racing designers, the car set is immensely detailed for F1 fans to appreciate.

Based closely on the 2022 F1 model from McLaren, the LEGO Technic version reportedly features “V6 cylinder engine with moving pistons, steering, suspension, and differential.”

The details

If you’ve dreamed of being an engineer, building F1 cars, or you’re an intrigued LEGO buff – here is your chance to recreate a McLaren using this LEGO Technic set.

The 1,432-piece F1 car replica is finished with sponsor stickers and measures 25.5-inches long and 10.5-inches wide. The set will be available for $179.99 from March 1.