Men’s summer fashion essentials: Items that’ll always be in trend

Accept it or not; most of us blindly follow what peers and neighbors do in the name of fashion. Frankly, this either leaves one with an insecure personality or breaking the bank trying to match up.

Fashion trends change with time not how someone around perceives them. Keeping abreast with the new trends – what’s in and what’s out – can be tricky and time-consuming. Often leaving you to play catchup. Befitting then is to have certain essentials in the wardrobe that ensure you never go out of trend. We have here curated some of these fashion essentials as we move into the summer of 2021. 

Plain white/black T-shirt

Truth be told – a good fit, round neck or polo white/black T-shirt is a primary summer essential. It can be teamed up with anything from khakis to chinos and from denims to shorts, depending on the place and comfort desired. A plain T-shirt is basic, it’s classy and it’s versatile, all in a very affordable price tag.

Regular blue jeans

You can wear a pair of chinos to a party or shorts to the pool but for other casual outings, a well fitted pair of blue jeans is unmatchable. While every other pair of trousers, tailored or otherwise, is time-centered trend, blue jeans have been in trend since probably forever, and it’s here to stay no matter what pattern, style or design ebbs and flows around.

Pair of Converse shoes

A pair of low Converse unisex canvas sneakers is a timeless classic. Like the blue jeans and basic Ts, the Converse shoes go with a range of items and are apt for all sorts of occasions. You can pair them with chinos, jeans, shorts – people are teaming up Converse sneakers with casual suits as well. There is a slight breathability issues with canvas, but if you’re not in high temperature region, there’s no second choice.

Wayfarer sunglasses

Shades or sunglasses are an item you’d definitely be carrying every time you move out of the house – provided covid-19 situation allows – but which one should you be carrying? There are so many styles, brands and designs to choose from, but frankly the wayfarer is a timeless peach. While all the other styles are trendy, they wouldn’t be a staple after a few years; in such a scenario it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say the Wayfarer is a design here stay forever.

A wristwatch

Just because you carry a smartphone in the pocket doesn’t mean a watch is out of fashion – it has been and will continue to be in trend. Only reservation is the style you pick. A classic design makes the watch an iconic fashion accessory – personally speaking – a chronograph with circular dial and leather strap is a must have for all occasions, it will always been in fashion. For some reason if you choose otherwise, a time and date classic can also be a choice worth your money.