Mercedes-AMG and Cigarette Racing showcases new speed boat in Miami

The speed freaks at Mercedes-AMG have once again collaborated with American offshore legend Cigarette Racing to produce a new boat. Using Cigarette Racing’s existing 59’ Tirranna performance center console platform, the result is what’s now called the bonkers 59’ Tirranna AMG Edition – the 12th and largest vessel to wear the AMG badge.

This newest ultra-luxurious and high-performance speed boat is currently gracing the waves at the 2020 Miami International Boat Show. However, Mercedes-AMG and Cigarette Racing also presented the one-off G63 Cigarette Edition SUV at the same event. It’s essentially a one-of-a-kind G-Class inspired by the power, luxury, and high-speed performance of the 59’ Tirranna AMG Edition.

The 59’ Tirranna AMG Edition has six outboard V8 motors

As with any vehicle or vessel affixed with an AMG badge, the boat is brimming with excess. In terms of power, you’ll find three pairs of Mercury Racing 450R outboard motors to offer ballistic grunt. Yes, the 59’ Tirranna AMG Edition has six motors churning out 450 horsepower each.

It won’t take long until you realize this boat is meant to conquer the waves. With six 4.8-liter supercharged V8 racing motors, the 59’ Tirranna AMG Edition churns out a combined output of 2,700 horsepower.

It has a top speed of above 80 mph

When you think about it, going 80 mph on tarmac in a normal car is no big deal. But over water, it’s a different story. The 59’ Tirranna AMG Edition can go up to 80 mph, which is mightily impressive for suck a large vessel. But in the world of boats, longer is better in terms of speed. Longer boats create waves that are farther apart, which means longer boats create longer wave separations as it skims over the water.

And since waves of this kind are faster than shorter wave separations, Cigarette Racing insisted on using its very own 59’ Tirranna in creating the AMG Edition instead of the 42’ Huntress and 42’ GTO Reserve – which are all part of Cigarette Racings lineup of performance center console speed boats.

And in case you’re wondering, the 59’Tirranna AMG Edition is not the fastest AMG boat. But it happens to be the largest and most prestigious to date – so large, in fact, it can ferry up to 26 passengers.

It’s not short on visual drama, either

With six supercharged outboard V8 motors arranged neatly on the wide 14-foot stern of the vessel, the 59’ Tirranna AMG Edition is not short on visual drama. The boat has black metallic paint along with gold AMG design patterns. Most of the cabin is covered in macchiato beige and dark blue leather while there’s also a new handcrafted carbon-fiber hardtop roof.

This is a huge boat we’re talking about, but how does it handle on water? Equipped with a unique Seakeeper gyro stabilizer, it handles like a dream. In fact, the biggest attribute of this boat is stability. With the gyro stabilizer spinning endlessly at around 9,000 rpm, body roll is decreased by up to 80-percent even over choppy wakes to offer better high-speed stability like an AMG car.

It has everything including the kitchen sink

Mercedes-AMG and Cigarette Racing’s newest creation is not short on luxurious amenities, either. There’s a marvelous summer kitchen with a grill and a sink. You also have a king-size bed, a big TV, and an enclosed bathroom with separate showers. The boat even has a 29-speaker sound system blaring out 5,200-watts of professional-quality sound.

Most of all, the vessel is equipped with a digital switching system. This means you can activate or control the boat’s interface wirelessly using an iPad. Need to lower the standard sky blinds for some much-needed privacy? Simply swipe and press.

The Mercedes-AMG G 63 Cigarette Edition is not bad, either

Apparently, this is the first time an AMG boat was created in tandem with a matching car, which in this case is a one-off Mercedes G-Class in the form of the G 63 Cigarette Edition. The SUV is festooned with the same black metallic and gold AMG livery along with the same macchiato beige and dark blue interior treatment.

For all intents and purposes, the G 63 shares a lot of attributes with the 59’ Tirranna AMG Edition. Both are big, brash, and brimming with luxurious amenities. Also, both are capable of producing vast amounts of power to deliver superior performance.

Of course, the G 63 Cigarette Edition needs an equally massive powerplant. Equipped with a mighty 4.0-liter bi-turbo V8 motor producing 577-horsepower 627 pound-feet of torque, this magnificent G-Class is both fast and highly-capable over tarmac and gravel-infested roads.

You can catch a glimpse of the 59’ Tirranna AMG Edition and Mercedes-AMG G 63 Cigarette Edition at the 2020 Miami International Boat Show. The event is held at the Miami Marine Stadium Park & Basin and runs from February 13 to 17.

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