Mercedes-Benz Sprinter gets efficient engines, better off-roading capabilities

The 2022 Work Truck Week got its first glimpse of Mercedes-Benz vans equipped with the newly developed all-wheel drive system, 4-Cylinder Sprinter diesel and gas engine line-up slated to hit the U.S. market in early 2023.

The automotive giant wants to make the smooth transition towards a cleaner and greener means of commuting without compromising on power delivery or cabin comfort levels. Especially the transition to an efficient 4-cylinder portfolio for the Sprinter and the AWD system adapted from the Mercedes-Benz passenger vehicles.

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter new engine    

The Stuttgart-based automotive multinational has introduced this new OM654 engine for the popular Sprinter van in their line-up of vehicles to elevate the overall drivability experience. The four-cylinder engine manages smoother acceleration, better torque delivery, and most crucially reduced emissions. Along with that the engine is much quieter and delivers fewer vibrations.

In 2023, the engine loaded on the new Sprinter will be on offer in two power output options: 125kW and 155kW delivering 168 hp and 208 hp respectively. It’s more efficient and has lower heat dissipation thanks to the combination of aluminum blocks and steel pistons, dynamic multi-way exhaust gas recirculation, and the near-engine exhaust gas after treatment.  

9G-TRONIC transmission and AWD tech

New Sprinters rolling on the streets next year will have the 9G-TRONIC transmission which brings in new unprecedented reduced levels of fuel consumption, lower noise levels, and snappy downshifts for agile pick-up. Compare that to the currently used 7G-TRONIC transmission, the 9G-TRONIC has increased first gear ratio and greater ratio spread for overall better performance.

The previous 4×4 replaced by the new AWD gives the owners more flexibility in terms of terrains they can explore with the Sprinter van. This is possible with the automatic torque on demand courtesy of the 50 percent split per axle. Compare that to the 35 percent front torque and 65 percent rear axle engageable system which had certain limitations on steep and slippery terrain.

That said, the ground clearance, approach angle, breakover angle, and departure angle have been retained from the outgoing model. Without a doubt, the Sprinter goes a level higher in terms of driving quality and off-road capability we’ve come to know from the Mercedes-Benz Vans line-up.