Mercedes-Benz Vision AVTR is surreal, video shows futuristic EV in action

James Cameron showed us a completely new dimension of what things could be like on an earth-like inhabitable planet with his movie Avatar. Earlier in the year, Mercedes-Benz in collaboration with the Canadian filmmaker (who is also an environmentalist) revealed the Vision AVTR electric car prototype. The car is an effort in development to give us a vision of the distant future or perhaps the near one.

Now the Mercedes-Benz Vision AVTR can be seen in reality – way past the concept stage as Mercedes-Benz has the real-life footage of the eye-popping electric car from the future in action.

Vision AVTR is too good to be real

First showcased at the Consumer Electronics Show 2020, the Vision AVTR turns out to be more than just a luxury supercar you drive for the adrenaline rush. In the video Danish TV host Felix Smith got to experience the car in real – displaying everything that Mercedes-Benz touted about the prototype. He dug deep into the vision and implementation of this idea of a future car, getting in conversation with Gorden Wagener, Daimler Chief Design Officer); Vera Schmidt, the Director, Advanced User Experience Design and Alexander Dang,  Advanced Exterior Design. All this while experiencing the car from the inside.

Straight out of some other planet (after all, it derives inspiration from Avatar movie), the car connects with the driver intrinsically and is controlled by a pulsating central console. You won’t see any steering wheel, gear knobs or pedals – instead, there are palm projecting icons that can be activated by closing the fist. Vision AVTR connects at an organic level with the human via the virtual, haptic, and acoustic inputs – identifying the owner by the heartbeat and breathing pattern.  

EV made from recyclable materials

The EV is powered by a 100 percent recyclable battery supplying power to the four independent electric motors. Even the major chunk of the build is done using recyclable materials. It has a range of more than 700 km on single charge, and yes it has wheels which can move the EV sideways for parallel parking goodness.  

Truly, the Vision AVTR is too futuristic to be true (you might have to pinch yourself to believe it actually exists) with its idea of being one with the machine, just like the Na’vi merged with the flying mountain banshees in Avatar!