Namibia’s Sonop Lodge – you haven’t lived until you’ve slept among the desert dunes in style

Namibia has an otherworldly look. Sweeping dune-scapes created is like an art project of the elements of air and earth. The dunes are created by trillions of sand particles being brought by wind from the coast. Rust-red and burnt umber-colored grains of sands pile one atop another to create some of the largest sand dunes on earth – at over 1,000 feet.

Namibia is a special place. It’s the second-least densely populated country in the world and is one of the least polluted, in terms of light pollution, making star-gazing at the night sky simply awesome. And even though Nambia’s inhabitants go far back with a rich and intense language, the current culture is progressive and boasts some of the biggest conservation areas in Africa.

As a traveler or photographer – both amateurs and professionals – Namibia offers a chance to get off the beaten path, in part because it’s far to get to and a bit expensive to travel too. But if you’ve got the time and the money, getting here is a no-brainer. Which is why Namibia consistently ranks as one of the best places in the world to travel to.

Such scenic and remote desert locations have spawned a burgeoning industry of luxury safari lodges across Africa. A new place to spend your night’s nestled among Namibian Dunes is at the Sonop Lodge. The Sonop Lodge is located in the southwestern part of the country at the very edge of the Namib-Naukluft National Park. The Sonop Lodge is by the Zannier Hotel group, which has a another luxury lodge property in the central part of the Namibia, the Omaanda Lodge.

The Sonop lodge consists of 10 tent outposts. The style of each tent is a British colonial design that harken back to the days of early adventurers and explorers to the area. Thus, today’s guests will be able to “live the life of yesteryear’s wealthy explorers from the early 20th century” according to the hotel.

Each tent is set atop boulders for great views of the expansive desert horizon, as well as for extra privacy. Interior decorative details include antiques, exquisite throw rugs, warm woods, well-made furniture, large windows, copper bathing tubs, and local Namibian artistic elements.

If all the huge dune climbs, star-gazing (telescopes are available at the property), and safari going takes the energy out of you, there’s plenty of time and places to relax and recharge besides from within your private tent. There is a spa with two treatment rooms, a gym, an outdoor infinity pool that’s heated, and a cocktail and cigar lounge for extra class.

Also on-site is the restaurant that offers gastronomic delights, a communal area, horse stables for an enchanting twilight ride, an open-air cinema. Plenty of activities are available for guests like, yoga, e-biking, and hiking. Getting there is up to you, but, if you’re lucky enough to have your own private leer jet then why not fly into the private airstrip.

The Sonop Lodge is situated on a  13,800 acre property where guests can enjoy the surroundings. The area is filled with natural beauty, stunning formations and lots of wildlife – leopards, brown hyenas, jackals, foxes, and rabbits.