Nike Happy Pineapple Pack ready in different signature silhouettes

Perhaps one of most famous icons used during Summer time is the pineapple. And no, it doesn’t just refer to Spongebob’s house. It’s one of  the more popular fruits during this season when we all want to go to the beach or just wade in the pool. 

Nike is focusing on the pineapple not just because it makes for a cute logo but mainly because the fruit has been found to be a worthy leather material. Believe it or not, there is such a thing and it’s called PIÑATEX.

Nike Happy Pineapple Pack Goes Green

Nike Happy Pineapple Pack

Nike has introduced the Happy Pineapple Pack. It includes a new version of the Nike Air Force 1 and Nike Free Run Trail. The new collection takes advantage of PIÑATEX material as a replacement to real leather. 

Apart from the two silhouettes mentioned above, Nike brings a fresher version of the Air Zoom,  Air Max 95, and Air Max 90. The new Air Force 1 iteration is exclusive for the ladies. 

Nike PIÑATEX Collection Design

Nike Happy Pineapple Pack Air Max 90

PIÑATEX on Nike makes the collection somewhat “green” and “sustainable”. The name “Happy Pineapple” is matched with a smiling pineapple as a logo. Expect other summer related colors like Apricot Agate, Green Glow, and Coconut Milk colors on sections of cork.

The Nike Happy Pineapple Pack can be availed straight from the Nike web store at different price points. Buy from HERE