Nike is releasing video game-inspired Blazer Mid ’77 Vintage sneakers

Nike is no stranger to the alliance with the video gaming fraternity. The sporting accessories giant has associated with PlayStation and Nintendo in the past. Now it is taking this fetish for video games to an all new high with the new pair of Blazer Mid ’77 Vintage sneakers.

The heavy influence of video games is clearly evident in this makeover of one of the company’s most iconic silhouettes. The new iteration, being dubbed the “Have a Good Game” primarily because this phrase is printed along the lower heel.

Drenched in detail

Embracing the history of video games in the Blazer Mid ’77 Vintage sneakers, Nike is making a mark for other players to catchup. The remodeled Blazers come in white, back, and bright crimson colorways with the pixel swoosh imprinted on the lateral, extending all the way to the heel patch.

Most striking things about the video games inspired Blazer Mid ’77 Vintage is its multicolored sole, Velcro heel patches, and glow-in-the-dark feature, which allows the pair of kicks to light up the room at any time of the day.

Price and availability

At the heart, Blazer Mid ’77 Vintage “Have a Good Game” is an old school sneaker, which for its throwback look features combo of leather and synthetic upper, exposed foam on the tongue and vintage solid rubber sole.

It sure is an instant pleaser for geeks but doesn’t mean it is not absolutely cool for Nike fans to garb. There is no official word on when these kicks will be available in the market. Rumors have it that they could release in Fall 2020 at and selected retailers for £110 (about $150).