Nike unveils spring 2021 Every Stitch Considered apparel collection

Nike has seamlessly united sports science research and product innovation for its unique and versatile design practice. After the release of the first Every Stitch Considered edition in October, Nike has unveiled Every Stitch Considered Spring 2021 apparel collection.

The second Every Stitch Considered line has timeless lifestyle wares featuring exceptional skill with move-compliant data and function. The spring 2021 collection comprises 49 articles that perfectly embody the elegance and classic construction of Milan fashion houses, and represents parts of the Nike Design Exploration.

Nike’s spring 2021 line

Developed using decades of research about bodies in motion, Nike’s latest collection is a modern take on traditional luxury. The timeless designs combine practicality and function with old-world Italian craftsmanship in a minimal range of men’s and women’s outerwear, sweaters, T-shirts, pants and skirts.

Made of only premium materials, each article in the sportswear-inspired lifestyle collection is distinct with mobility-focused seams and convenient details like practical pockets and carrying slings. The casual-styling embraces a blend of tailored outlines and relaxed fits ranging from sweaters and dresses to cardigans and collared shirts.

Every Stitch Considered

Every Stitch Considered is an in-line series, delivering an extensive selection of mostly genderless clothing in neutral hues. With this practice, the brand unites athlete data and digital design to manufacture game-changing apparel and footwear selections.

The second iterations of the series has avant-garde parkas and tailored field jackets for outer wears, while fine-quality base layers range from cardigans, zip-up polos, and longline T-shirts. The collection also caters to both fitted and looser variations of legwear such as drop-crotch pants, three-quarter lengths and relaxed shorts cap off.