Omega Pants by Graphene-X is most rugged and waterproof pair out there

Choosing between a regular and a convertible pants isn’t a decision that would take you a lot of time. But deciding which pair of convertible is something to ponder over.

There are not many options in my wardrobe, yet when it comes to selecting one for outdoors, I cannot easily decide. This I’m sure will be a situation with many of you too. Now, how about convertible pants that vouches to be the last that you’ll ever need.  

Omega Pants by Graphene-X

Yeah, Omega Pants designed and developed by Graphene-X is termed as the most durable, rugged, and waterproof pants that would go where you want. You can take your pair for a swim or go skiing in it; you can even climb a mountain or slide down the hill in it.

Designed through the process of Transfer Laminating, the Omega Pants has a 3-layer fabric that’s four-way stretchable and has insane 10k waterproofness. The breathable fabric is made extremely durable with the integration of – planet’s toughest material – Graphene into the “shell face of the pants.” Graphene integration increases the Omega Pants’ abrasion resistance and estimated lifespan monumentally.

A feature-packed pair

Graphene-X says they have taken a great deal of pain to better the flaws of currently available convertible pants and made the Omega Pants the most desirable pair of convertibles you can abuse all you want without a complain.

Omega Pants amid a host of features has a phone pocket for easy access to your device and comes integrated with a RECCO chip that reflects rescue signals to help rescuers find you in the outdoors. For the serious climbers, the pants have a side flap with carabiner loop and has adjustable hems that you can tighten and loosen at will.  

The Omega Pants are up for crowd-funding and can be pre-ordered for $249 a pair. Shipping is expected to start in April 2021.