Only Porsche 911 GT3 owners can buy this beautiful watch

One of the highest performing and most iconic sports cars produced by Porsche is the 911 GT3. The vehicle represents Porsche’s efforts to carve every bit of speed and handling from its venerable 911 design. Porsche Design has worked to design a watch that brings the thrill of high-performance racing to a chronograph that’s exclusively available to buyers of the new 911 GT3.

The watch is called the Porsche Design Chronograph 911 GT3. the ornate design of the chronograph has ties to the sports car and promises consistent performance and high-quality craftsmanship. The principal design features, material selection, and performance characteristics between the watch and the 911 GT3 are apparent at a glance. 

Porsche Design uses titanium for the watch’s case, which is the same material used in the design of some engine components in the car. The color and material choices used in the watch were inspired by equipment options available on the 911 GT3. The Porsche Design Chronograph 911 GT3 is available in two versions.

One is a sporty version with an applied dial color ring in Shark Blue. The other version is designed for purists featuring a color ring in black. On both versions, the hands and numbers are in white and yellow on black background. The strap is made of genuine Porsche vehicle leather with GT3 debossing and stitching in contrast colors of either Shark Blue or GT Silver depending on the version.

The watch strap uses a quick-change system requiring no tools to swap and comes in medium or large sizes. The movement inside the titanium case is a Portion Design caliber WERK 01.200 with a flyback function that combines starting, stopping, and zeroing in one operation. It is COSC-certified, a certification reserved for only the most accurate watches. The movement is powered by a custom winding rotor re-created from the design of the 911 GT3 wheels. The GT3 winding rotor is offered in six colors that match the colors available for the car. 

Buyers can choose natural titanium or black-coated titanium for the case and a bezel featuring a sporty tachometer or classic minute scale. The dial ring is customizable within the GT3 color spectrum. The Porsche Design Chronograph 911 GT3 will be available this spring starting at $8050, and you have to buy the 911 GT3 car to be able to purchase one.