Pagani Huayra R has 850 horsepower and weighs only 1050 kilograms

Pagani has been making some of the most exotic hypercar’s in the world for a number of years. The company has unveiled its latest model, called the Pagani Huayra R, and the car is an absolute beast. The vehicle’s engine is a new Pagani V12-R naturally aspirated V12 engine that makes 850 horsepower and 750 Nm of torque.

The engine is designed to give the vehicle maximum track performance at a redline of up to 9000 RPM. The automaker sees the R as a laboratory incorporating the technology of future Pagani models. While it may be a rolling laboratory, the automaker will produce 30 examples for sale to the public.

Each unit will sell for €2.6 million plus tax, and odds are they’re all spoken for already. Not only is the vehicle extremely high-performing, but it’s also very beautiful, with Pagani saying the car celebrates performance, technology, and art. The vehicle was built with the highest safety standards, featuring a safety cage integrated into the car’s central monocoque.

The emphasis on safety means that the Pagani Huayra R meets the most stringent FIA requirements for GT vehicles. The car also has a fire extinguishing system that activates automatically in the event of a fire. The seats are fully integrated into the carbon monocoque and uses FIA-approved foam padding for comfort and additional safety.

The car is designed with maximum aerodynamics in mind producing 1000 kilograms of downforce at 199 mph. The car comes standard with carbon-ceramic brakes. Despite the car’s high-performance track-only nature, it’s designed to have service intervals of every 10,000 kilometers. The transmission used is a six-speed sequential with fast shift times that weighs only 176 pounds. No performance measurements are offered at this time.