PICO a smart portable planter is your green buddy

While we are on the verge of losing nature connect to our over-demanding lifestyle. Innovation yet reveals another rescue – Altifarm Enverde, US-based home farm professionals, introduce PICO a palm-sized smart portable plant pot. Enabling you to grow and maintain your green buddy. Having a plant indoors spreads a healthier and positive environment to relax your body and mind.

We dwell amidst a stressful lifestyle, surrounded by machines and concrete following a nuclear social approach. Most of us are living alone and bond with people via technology. Pico your green buddy becomes a companion to keep you motivated and allows you to welcome nature into your life.

Your trusted gardener at home

Designed with a thoughtful approach, Pico’s auto watering system waters the plant as and when required, all you need to do is, refill water in Pico’s tank once a week. Its smart LED lights, give your plant enough light so that you are able to grow a plant without direct sunlight. As the plant grows, the planter size can be adjusted by its easily adjustable arm.

The pot can be placed on a table, stick it to a magnet friendly surface, like your refrigerator or mount to a wall alongside your photo frame. Its creative design and vibrant colors make it a lively piece at your home. The pot operates on a battery that can be charged using a USB Type-C.

Welcome nature in your life

Growing a plant is pleasurable, but in a traditional way maintaining a plant is a huge challenge. Pico helps you overcome this dare of keeping your plant alive by its user-friendly self-managing smart features.

The pot is made using BPA-free plastic. You can plant chemical-free fresh herbs in your kitchen garden, flowers at your workstation or your favorite green plant on the wall by your books. This small yet life preserver robotic pot makes it easy for anyone to bring nature into their life.