Fotile 3-in-1 dishwasher actually fits in your kitchen sink

Finally a sensible solution for the kitchen that thinks beyond making dishwashers boxy and inconvenient. Traditional dishwashers are handy devices in the kitchen, they share so much of your load, but they are inconveniently placed under the counter.

The Fotile 3-in-1 Sink Dishwasher, by the Ningbo Fotile Kitchen Ware company based out of China, however, takes a very native approach. It’s a pioneering dishwasher design that is built into the sink and can be conveniently used at the counter height.

A clever design

The innovatively designed dishwasher has its own integrated dryer and can be elegantly welded into your stainless steel kitchen sink. With the dishwasher built into the sink, you’d be sacrificing some counter space, but it will definitely make the washing chore convenient, clean, and hassle-free, so you will not mind the space crunch. 

Perfect for compact kitchens, the Fotile 3-in-1 Sink Dishwasher in addition to doing the dishes also facilitates cleaning vegetables, fruits, and seafood. The manufacturer boasts of the dishwasher being capable of killing 99.99-percent of bacteria from the dishes and up to 90-percent of pesticide residue from your produce.

Seamless controls

The Fotile sink dishwasher comes in two designs. While one variant has a control panel in the near side, the other option has touch sensitive controls built into the lid. Interestingly, the touch controls on the lid can be pressed with wet hands too.   

Priced at $1,500, the Fotile 3-in-1 Sink Dishwasher features rotary sprays that wash and rinse the contents from all angles. This compact and useful dishwashing solution is not just for smaller apartments, even the bigger houses can leverage the utility – if you don’t have a huge pile of utensils to do after every meal.  

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