Porsche 930A Turbo by Daniel Arsham radiates the classic motorsports vibe

American artist Daniel Arsham infuses new life into everyday objects and his artwork is a testimony to that. The artist was obsessed with the 1986 Porsche 911 Turbo, drawing sketches as a child – and his obsession has been rooted deep in his memory ever since.

Daniel has been working on the 930A project for two years and the result is a custom-designed supercar that embodies the brand’s motorsport heritage. The artist said, “Looking at Dick Barbour’s 1980 Porsche 935 K3 and other iconic Porsche racing cars of the past, I blended these designs with my own history.”

Liveries, paint job, and custom wheels

The interior and the exterior of the Porsche 930A Turbo has that signature Porsche racing car history. Right from the custom wheels and the 917-inspired gear knob, to the custom-painted livery and the bespoke upholstery. The livery in particular is the work of artist David Gwyther who did all the logos on the skin with his hands. This blended Daniel’s own past with that of the race liveries of that era. 

To transform the 911 Turbo’s engine, focal sound system, and the custom rims, the artist approached Ted Gushue from Type7. Likewise, to redo the retro-styled wheels, he commissioned DSC, Matt Crooke from the wheel manufacturer Fifteen52.

All-white interiors with blue and grey hues

The interiors are awe-inspiring as Daniel transformed the look into that of the classic 911. There’s the stonewashed canvas paired with the leather having navy and grey hues which embellish the seats, doors and the dash. Even the instrument panel borrows the unique color scheme highlighted by the concentric ring detail and the nostalgic speedometer.

It took two years of detailed work to bring it together and it shows in the final look. As Porsche stated, “The collaboration is a testament to the idea that Porsche is not just a brand but a group of creative engineers, designers, and enthusiasts united by their boundless passion for sports cars and the culture of racing.”