Porsche Project 411 hints at the future of luxury electric supercars

The cars of the future will be aesthetically radical in design, run on energy-efficient technologies and will be super quick off the blocks. Talking on those lines, ever imagined how the contoured Porsche of the future will look like? 

Designers, Hussain Almossawi and Marin Myftiu have conceptualized Project 411 for NCS, an Italian prototyping company. The duo classifies this self-driving electric supercar as “the luxury highway cruiser”, and rightly so. They believe, “This gives business people and the likes a viable alternative to flight as well as a real reason for boasting about that exotic car.”

All-electric “Need for Speed”

The car is based on the Porsche 911 Spyder, and has some elements of the classic cars from the brand’s yesteryears. 411 will reach top speed of more than 250 miles per hour, made possible by the aerodynamic design – thanks to the large air ducts on front and back, along with the adjustable rear wing. For maximum grip to keep the car sucked to the road, air diffuser does the job.

Taking things further, the designers also envision a series of inductive charging strips underneath the tarmac to propel the car forward. This will eliminate the need to put huge electric batteries on-board, thereby reducing the overall weight and improving dynamics at high speeds.

Encompassing design

The electric car has a muscular look with contoured flowing design that’s evident in the headlights. On the rear, taillights have a sharp look, which seem like “stretching inside the car.” The wheels too have a very futuristic design with aerodynamics in mind to reduce the air drag.  

On the inside Porsche 411 has the same flowing lines, like that of the exterior. The color schema for the supercar is white and rose gold for that exotic feel. Even the steering wheel has that opulent look flowing into the dashboard which has a pure white ceramic finish. The low-slung driving position makes for a comfortable ride and when the dark hours hit, the neon blue lights all over transform it into a futuristic space.