Porsche’s new 911 GT3 Cup racer is ready for the track

Porsche has been building race cars for decades, and it often sells some of the coolest to private racing teams all around the world. Recently, Porsche announced the latest version of its 911 GT3 Cup racing car. The car will be raced in the Porsche Mobile 1 Supercup along with other racing series around the world.

Aside from being a beautiful car, the 911 GT3 Cup is also significantly improved under the skin. The racing car produces around 510 horsepower, which is 24 horsepower more than the previous model. 911 GT3 Cup is also able to run on synthetic racing fuel lowering CO2 emissions. Porsche says the new racing car slashes the outgoing version’s lap times by one percent, which is a lot on the racetrack.

The 911 GT3 Cup is a professional racing car designed to be cost-effective for teams to run. Handling has been improved, making the car more precise and fun to drive, and the cockpit has been optimized. Optimized aerodynamics make the car look better, and this version of the 911 GT3 Cup is the first to use the wide turbo-spec lightweight body in a Cup car.

The car is 1902 millimeters wide, 28 millimeters wider than the previous version. It also has additional cooling vents in front of the wheels. The wider body allows for 12-inch wide wheels in the front and 13-inch wide wheels in the back. Porsche says the car also generates noticeably improved aerodynamic downforce.

The car has gained 35 kilograms of dry weight compared to the outgoing model at 1260 kilograms. However, the increased weight is due to changed rules, with the new car having extra struts added to the steel safety cell and a removable escape hatch in the roof. Porsche says that it meets all the latest FIA standards. Racing teams will begin taking delivery of the new racing car in February 2021.