Portable Bento Box rice cooker prepares fresh serving on the go

Reheated rice is never as good as freshly steamed. You would know it if you carry rice to office for lunch. Thanko’s Electric Bento rice cooker provides an easy and portable way to prepare a fresh serving of rice.

Bento rice cooker is optimal for those who travel often or want fresh food at the office instead of takeout. This compact appliance offers office professionals and busy customers alike with a solution to cook rice almost anywhere.

Takeaways of Bento Rice Cooker

This compact appliance only weighs two pounds, making it ideal for portable use. However, it is also perfect for use at home to prepare just the right amount of grains for a single person.

What makes Bento Box rice cooker even more ideal for discreet workplace use is that unlike conventional cookers, the appliance does not make any noise or release steam. A simple color-changing LED provides all necessary status updates during the cooking process.

Single-serve batches

Bento Box rice cooker prepares fresh single-serve batches up to six ounces of grain at a time and comes with a measuring cup for convenience. A full scoop measures six ounces of rice, but if you want to have a light meal, half scoops are an option too.

All you need to do is, add water, rice, and plug it in and switch it on. Depending on the amount of rice, it will take between 14 to 20 minutes to cook, which makes it perfect for preparing a fresh meal right from the comfort of one’s desk.

Given its unique features, Bento rice cooker is priced at 6,980 yen or $65. Besides, you can use it as Bento Box and eat the rice straight out of it, which means there’s one less dish for you to clean.