Poseidon Expeditions’ Total Solar Eclipse cruise in Antarctica is a must-do

The solar eclipse is perhaps the most misunderstood phenomena in our society. Typically, an eclipse has cultural, spiritual and religious implications with some fearing it, some revering the occurrence, and others remaining indifferent. In my community for example, a pregnant lady is not allowed to do any work or even use the knife during a solar eclipse – may sound strange, but it’s true!

I remember when I was about to have my son twenty some odd years ago, and due to the impeding solar eclipse, I wasn’t allowed to get out of bed. I couldn’t even put on a belt. The belief behind this altered behavior is that using a knife or sharp object, or wearing tight clothes, will leave a mark on the unborn child.

Of course, there’s no evidence linking birthmarks, cleft pallets, or deformities in babies with a solar or lunar eclipse, but seriously, who can argue with family traditions, as unusual as they might be! And this might be why I’m so fascinated with Poseidon Expeditions’ Solar Eclipse Cruise.

It promises to be a 23-day adventure aboard the cruise ship M/V Sea Spirit ocean liner. And the starting point is at Ushuaia, Argentina. The ship will sail through the notoriously rough Antarctic Peninsula, the Falklands, and South Georgia, and will eventually bring you back to the starting point.

Designed to keep you well occupied for three weeks on the round trip to Ushuaia, I find the theme of this vacation is rather unusual (but you may not!). I’ve known spiritual masters conducting special cruises for their groups – my favorites being Abraham Hicks (with Esther and Jerry Hicks) and Louise Hay. But, the experience of a Solar Eclipse from the middle of the ocean has its own very special charm.

2021 will bear witness to a total solar eclipse off the Antarctic coast, and the cruise will capitalize on this extraordinary occasion. The guide for this eclipse tour will be Paul Sutter, an astrophysicist, author, speaker, producer and on-air host. His studies specialize in and include the earliest moments of the Big Bang and he is also the host of the Ask a Spaceman! podcast and YouTube series.

With an illustrious PhD in Physics – 2011 as a Department of Energy Computational Science Graduate Fellow – is set to add a lot of value to the package and is sure to attract enthusiasts and adventurers from around the world. Fairly deep pockets will be mandatory for this trip, as the price will be set at a minimum of $20,000 to $40,000 USD.

Before The Total Eclipse at Sea

The world’s southernmost city, Ushuaia, is the starting point of the cruise. Your hosts will transfer you from the airport to the hotel which is part of the voyage plans. You get the day to explore this quaint city while the rest of the passengers are arriving. Once the entire group has arrived, you’ll be transferred to the luxury expedition ship, M/V Sea Spirit.

As someone who has taken several cruises, my recommendation would be to check in early and use the lead time to explore the ship at your preferred pace. The first evening takes you across the Beagle Channel, offering the possibility of marine mammal sightings.

The first night is also the ideal moment to decide upon shore excursions the spot for the Captain’s Dinner. Once all bookings have been finalized, you’ll be more at ease to enjoy the next two days while you skirt along the Falkland Islands – a paradise and haven for birds, large colonies of penguins, and albatross. Expect to see fur seals and elephant seals as well.

There will also be the opportunity to spot Peale’s dolphins and Commerson’s dolphins. And as the route the ship is takes is surrounded by isolated and windswept islands, the cruise company anticipates last-minute changes since the sailing is weather dependent.

The port of Stanley – British capital of the Falkland Islands is an attraction you should not miss – along with the waterfront promenade, Falkland Islands Museum, and governor’s house.

The Absolute Total Eclipse at Sea

The highlight of the cruise will be, of course, the total solar eclipse, and to ensure guests get the most spectacular view of it, the captain promises to head southwest across the Scotia Sea and towards Antarctica. The ship will be positioned precisely in the narrow path of absolute totality and offer a magical view of the sun being obscured by the moon, at the precise time of the predicted eclipse. 

The Antarctic Peninsula region hosts some of the best wildlife viewing opportunities. The whole area is pristine and has protected bays and narrow channels with high snow peak mountains lining the horizon. Expect to see a variety of whales and seas along with penguins and their large nesting colonies.

Essentially covering the regions of Falklands, South Georgia and Antarctica, this is one cruise that promises to bust all myth and legend and can only add magic to your vacation and life.