The Bed Cinema cocoons you in lavishness for unparalleled movie viewing

Watching your favorite movies in the cinema halls is a good way to unwind and socialize. On the flip side, binge-watching is the new rage – cocooning in the cozy confines of your bed for a session of movie watching the way you like.

So how about having the best of both worlds – experiencing the cinematic opulence of the cinema hall while feeling like you are enjoying the movie in a comfortable bed at home?

Comfy movie experience

This folks is the Bed Cinema by Omazz, luxury bedding brand popular in Thailand and SF Cinema – currently up for exploration at the SF World Cinema, 3rd floor inside the Central World Department Store.

The whole concept of this unique idea is to bring the cozy comfort of your bedroom to the cinema experience – especially for people who love to watch movies lying in their bed. According to Mr.Teepakorn Lojanakosin, CEO of Lotus Bedding Group and Omazz (Thailand), “Omazz has invested over 50 million baht to create Bed-Cinema comprising just 40 seats in 397.5 square metres of space.”

Lounging amid tech

There’s plenty of tech infused in the remote controlled Adjusto bed – it can be tailored to your liking at the touch of a finger and gives you a relaxing massage too. You’ve got Dolby Digital Surround 7.1 sound to go with your 4K quality movie on the screen to complete the sensory experience.

For the demanding lot, there are smartphone charging sockets, bedside table lamp, and even slippers for a home like feel. The lounging service by the staff is also top-notch as they give you personalized attention 30 minutes before the movie starts. This includes serving snacks, food, and drinks or maybe helping you out with all the tech-infused elements.  

All for a price you’ll drool over

This opulent way to watch movies in a cinema hall can be experienced by 40 people in one go with the option to go for the twin, queen or king-size bed. Hygiene norms are kept in mind as the bedding is changed and the area sanitized after every show.

The price starts at 900 Baht (around $30) on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday while other days of the week cost 1,000 Baht (around $33) per person. So, what do you think about the Bed Cinema? Already wishing it would land in your city soon?