Recommended and fun souvenirs to pick from Japan

Picking the perfect souvenirs can be a fun part of any vacation as these thoughtful keepsakes will delight your family and friends. Souvenirs from Japan are considered to be the best in the world, ranging from local sweets to reasonably priced cosmetics, superior and nifty lifestyle things, and more.

These fun, lighthearted and delightful souvenirs from Japan carry a profound significance to the Japanese culture. From famous classics to some lesser-known gems, here are five highly recommended souvenirs from the country.

KitKat Chocolatory

Widely-popular KitKat is a famous option as a souvenir from Japan. Sure, these chocolate-coated wafer layers are sold worldwide but Japan has many exquisite flavors such as matcha and sake. Opened in collaboration with the Japanese chocolatier Yasumasa Takagi, the KitKat Chocolatory is a luxury version of individually-boxed sticks in various flavors. Don’t forget to try the Sublime Bitter type, made with richly aromatic, premium couverture chocolate.

Keana Nadeshiko rice masks

You probably be a stranger to rice masks, but they are incredibly popular in Japan and the tourists as well. Accompanied by a serum made from 100 percent domestic rice, these masks moisturize the skin. The serum quickly absorbs into the skin and works like a charm to give you hydrated, plump and refined skin. These are considered one of the best keepsakes from the country.


The famous rice wine of Japan, Sake is a great gift to bring back home. There are many styles and tastes to choose from, however, Dassai, Kubota, Denshu and Hakkaisan brands offer some popular picks. You can always try a sip at a sake bar while in town to find which one you prefer. The “sake meter value” or SMV indicates to an extent how sweet or dry sake is.

Aizome dyed fabric

Every country and culture has a different story to tell through its fabrics. Aizome dyed fabric makes for a wonderful souvenir from Japan. The fabric is hand-dyed with Ai (indigo), which is a dye that is collected from the leaves of the Japanese indigo plant and gives the fabric a rich blue color. Moreover, the dye is also a natural insect repellent. Wanariya, an Aizome store in Asakusa has great products on sale for you to take back home.

Maneki-Neko cats

The most popular keepsakes from the country are the lucky charms known as Maneki-Neko. These cat figurines with one paw raised in the air are a symbol of good luck in various aspects of life. The white cats with red elements and a paw upward, positioned at the entrance of stores and homes are meant to bring money, a black one fights evil spirits and a red cat protects against ailments.