Rimowa Attaché briefcase is understated yet flashy at the same time

All that glitters is not gold. Although technically holding true for this briefcase, its design and make leaves no stone unturned on the pebbled shore of luxury. Despite having such a noticeable and glinty look to it, this reimagined briefcase: The Attaché, by RIMOWA is based off their classic, almost century-old design.

The original, a minimalist business briefcase, was one of the first design to feature corner guards. It’s successor, still keeping with the minimalist theme, has done away with those guards but has maintained the grooves around the corners for their signature look. Guard-or-no-guard, this briefcase in my opinion, is quite a step forward both in terms of its make and finish.

What makes the Attaché a class above the rest

The Attaché has a case made of aluminum and is then cast in a ‘solid gold color’. Apart from the obvious glint from the gold, the smooth polished finish and the rounded edges definitely make the briefcase eye-catching.

The minimalistic theme on the exterior is contrasted with a functional, fine-finish, and up-class interior. The Attaché, lined with Italian black leather, has a gusseted magnetic pocket to hold securely all paperwork. Additionally, it also comes with some extra space dedicated for a card-holder, so you needn’t bother carrying around a bulging wallet with all your business contacts.

A Bit more about its specifications

Measuring 15.5 x 18 x 5 inches, the Attaché is neither too large nor too small for the daily businessperson. Being 7.5 pounds in weight, makes the briefcase light enough to make sure that the only weight you’re carrying in is that of the big fat check, you’re headed to cash after that successful meeting of yours. It’s galvanized metal handle makes sure that you can maintain a grip as firm as a business-handshake.

With its reinvented, definitely understated-yet-flashy look, it’ll definitely make anyone holding it stand out in a room. The Attaché comes with a price tag of $1800 and would make a subtle-yet-powerful addition to anyone’s business attire. Rimowa, with its legacy of having its briefcases featured in countless spy movies, shows promise of bringing the Attaché so similar ranks in the near future.