This Nightstand integrates a lamp, wireless charging and USB port for your convenience

There was a point in my life where I simply removed the nightstand from my bedside, because it became a holder of junk. Books, newspapers, a power-strip, lamp, bottle of water, meds, office files… you get my drift.

It is my belief that you should not sleep with clutter surrounding your bed, as chaos has a way of manifesting itself in your life, if it surrounds your living space. However, given our lifestyles and our passion for the good things that life has to offer – smartwatch, phones, tablets and e-readers, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to manage the clutter on a nightstand.   

The Owen Nightstand has a 4-in-1 Solution

The Owen Nightstand comes with an LED Lamp attached along with wireless charge, USB port and can also function as an end table. The contemporary looking lamp is integrated into the table in such a way that you can’t knock it down – ever!

Taking care of your charging needs, the table also integrates a USB port and a built-in Qi Standard wireless charging pad. What I also appreciate is that it houses an outlet that makes it easier for you to charge your mobile devices like laptops, tablets and gaming devices, easily.

A Mid Century Modern Wood Night Stand

Apart from being a tech-enabled nightstand, this table also functions the traditional way – a space to hold some books for you. While the size is such that you can use it in your living room, right next to the sofa or next to your recliner, however, I think you will benefit from putting it near your bedhead, if its size is not a concern.

Sporting a simple white finish with wooden accents, and warm white light, the Owen can be used in the office as well. It is compatible with Alexa, Google Home Assistant, or Apple HomeKit and requires a smart outlet, which is sold separately.

The lamp of the Owen is fitted with an LED Bulb that promises 20,000 Hours, offering 800 lumens of warm white light. The only thing is that you can’t dim the lights on this lamp. Know more here.