Roger Dubius announces a Limited-edition addition to the Excalibur Collection

Roger Dubuis’ Excalibur collection have come to be known as a cornerstone for iconic aesthetics and exceptional mechanics for the company. The absolute stunning and unique look of each watch in this collection is perfectly complimented by the ingenious technology incorporated into the design.

The latest addition to this collection is the Excalibur Twofold RD01SQ. This 8-piece limited-edition watch is in my opinion, the best the collection has to offer. It is as loaded in aesthetics appeal as it is impressive in the make of the caliber. Great as it is it will only be available in select Roger Dubius Boutiques.

Design Features and Construction

The Excalibur Twofold has a case diameter of 45mm and features a fiber flange. Furthermore, the skeletonized dial features screw-like hour markers which are polished and fitted with SLN. A unique addition to the design is the astral white décor which we see coated on top of the caliber bridges, further highlighting the theme of the watch.

The construction of the case is sturdy enough to be water resistant to a depth of 30m underwater. The case is paired with a unique luminescent rubber strap with a titanium double folding buckle. By far the most impressive feature of this watch would be the double flying tourbillion movement.

Star of the Show

The Excalibur Twofold does indeed get its name from its signature double flying tourbillion. This immaculately constructed hand-wound mechanical caliber movement comprises of 301 components including 28 jewels. The two 16.75mm diameter sit near the 4 and 8 o’clock positions of the skeletonized dial.

At only 7.67mm thick, both movements operate at 3Hz and feature a combined power reserve of 50-hours. The complicated movements are given aesthetic decors of rhodium plated charcoal grey tints and the tourbillion carriage is shaped to resemble a Celtic cross. This complicated movement takes approximately 1200 hours to manufacture.